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We represent high-technology companies with local footprints and worldwide reach.  By virtue of exposure to many differing facets of intellectual property law and related legal fields, we can assist clients in reaching goals and protecting their innovations in different ways.


For some clients, we regularly assess invention and file for patents on their technical innovations.  For others,we protect designs.  In some cases, the bulk of work we do for clients is in building and maintaining a trademark portfolio.  The work often invoices agreements and opinions.   For many of our clients we do a bit of all of the above and more.

For artists, performers, and licensees of material, our advice is targeted to specific client needs in terms of copyrights, trademarks and contracts.  However, competing and overlapping legal constructs are considered and resolved along the way.


Descriptions of each of the major categories types of work we do are set forth in the boxes to the right.


Protecting Inventions

We regularly draft and file new U.S. utility and design patent applications.  We handle related international filings, both under the Paris Convention and via the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  In doing so, we rely on an array of international law firms for assistance.  We also file U.S. applications based on previously-filed English language and non-English language international applications.  We handle contested matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.


Securing Brand Names

We regularly draft and file new U.S. trademark and service mark applications.  The applications may be based on actual use or intent-to-use.  We also handle related international filings, relying on an array of international law firms for assistance.  We file U.S. applications based on previously-filed international applications.  We also handle contested matters such as Oppositions and Cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.


Protecting Works of Authorship

We prepare and file copyright applications for individual authors, artists and songwriters.  We also assist companies in protecting work product of their employees, as well as in securing rights to works of authorship prepared for them by third parties.  We advise on issues related to performing rights organizations and royalty collections and payments.  We provide related agreements transferring and licensing copyrighted subject matter.

Entertainment Law

Negotiating the Thicket

Songwriters and performers interested in protecting and monetizing their creations face a confusing thicket of copyright and trademark laws, regulations and rights organizations.  Venue owners are subject to sometimes unexpected royalty obligations.  Parties wishing to use songs or videos in new works or on new platforms can be confronted with obtaining multiple licenses to do so.  We advise clients on entertainment law matters such as these.


Transferring Rights

Patents can be licensed or cross-licensed, exclusively or non-exclusively, in limited fields of use or in full scope.  Trademarks can also be licensed to third parties, franchisees and others.  Trademark coexistence agreements can be worked out between parties to avoid market confusion and thereby protecting both sides.  Copyright licenses for software, art works, or music can also be negotiated.  We assist clients with all of these types of intellectual property transfer agreements.

Opinions, Audits, M & A

Reviewing Portfolios

We provide registrability opinions for patents and trademarks.  We also provide patent infringement, validity, state-of-art, and right-to-practice opinions.  We review intellectual property management policies and portfolios to identify and protect important company resources.  We assist mergers and acquisitions attorneys by compiling portfolio listings and performing due diligence studies on intellectual property portfolios, both for potential buyers and potential sellers.